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‘A Mohammedan Easter’

April 3, 1910, Nabi Musa


April 3, 1910: This headline stopped me cold: “Mohammedan Easter.” It’s a feature from the Sunday magazine on the Muslim pilgrimage to what the writer calls Neby Mousa and is known today as Nabi Musa. The author, Harold J. Shepstone, appears to be a prolific British writer of the “Ripping Yarns” variety (lion taming, polar exploration, etc.) with a career ranging from the 1900s to the 1940s.

April 3, 1910, Nabi Musa

April 3, 1910, East Side Beer

I’m always amazed by the early 20th century ads that portray beer as a health drink, like “liquid bread.” Why, it’s better than tea or coffee, just ask this little girl! 

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