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Westbrook Pegler on the Phillies, March 22, 1926

March 20, 2010 | 12:01 pm

March 22, 1926, Westbrook Pegler

March 20, 1926: I have to say, Peg was a pretty fair sports columnist, as he shows in this piece on the Phillies.  He writes: "They will lose with rousing reluctance, the customers will see earnest, if not polished, baseball. There will be a World Series in which the Phillies will have no  interest and next spring the Phillies of Philadelphia will come all the way to Florida to work themselves into good losing condition again."

March 22, 1926, Paul Berlenbach

The “Astoria Assassin?” … And you thought Moonraker was an Ian Fleming novel.

March 22, 1926, Westbrook Pegler