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'We Don't Want the Pope Running the Country'

March 1, 2010 |  8:00 am


“I’d Like to Examine This Young Woman!”


March 1, 1960: Samuel Lubell focuses on Vice President Richard Nixon in his survey of Southern voters and dismisses Democrats' chances, but there's a more complicated portrait of the South buried a few paragraphs further into the story. 

Look at the sampling of quotes: "The Supreme Court has made its decision and it makes no difference who is president" …  "There isn't any difference between the Democrats and Republicans on segregation" …  "No candidate will agree with the South" and "The South can't win. The rest of the country is against us."

And how about the quote on Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) “We don’t want the pope running the country.”

March 1, 1960, Sink the Bismark

Opening tomorrow: “Sink the Bismark!”

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Among Democratic contenders, Sen. Lyndon Johnson (D-Texas) pulls the most strongly in the South. But even he is looked on with considerable distrust as “just another liberal.” 


march 1, 1960, Civil Rights 

The Supreme Court clears the way for full enforcement of the Civil Rights Act.