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Segregated Businesses May Be Legal, Eisenhower Says

March 17, 1960, Cheryl Crane

March 17, 1960, Cheryl Crane

March 17, 1960, Segregation

March 17, 1960: On the jump, more about Cheryl Crane’s transfer to El Retiro School for Girls in the San Fernando Valley … President Eisenhower says it may be legal for private businesses to bar African Americans or any other group. Eisenhower adds that he’s no lawyer … and says that "there is too much interference in our private affairs and ... personal lives already."

March 17, 1960, Comics

“Where’s Your Car, Rex?”

March 17, 1960, Cheryl Crane

March 17, 1960, Passover

[Note: Passover in 2010 is March 30-April 6] 

March 17, 1960, Segregation

March 17, 1960, Segregation 

March 17, 1960, Segregation


Bud and Travis at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium!

March 17, 1960, Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers says to take kids fishing!
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