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Screen Actors Guild Goes on Strike

March 7, 2010 |  8:00 am

March 7, 1960, SAG Strike 

March 7, 1960: The Screen Actors Guild goes on strike over residuals on movies made after 1948 that are broadcast on TV.  “The Magnificent Seven” and “Ocean’s Eleven” are unaffected.

March 7, 1960, Little Pinto

“Oh, No!”

March 7, 1960, SAG Strike


Providing medical care for retirees on Social Security is the first step toward socializing all medicine and ultimately all professions, says Dr. James K. Hall Jr. of Richmond.

March 7, 1960, Caryl Chessman

March 7, 1960, Dodgers

The Dodgers’ third base coach Bobby Bragan promises he’ll behave.