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Noise Replaces Facts in Politics

March 6, 2010 |  8:00 am

March 6, 1960, Politics

March 6, 1960: The Times publishes James Reston’s views on politics after adding the New York Times News Service. Reston calls Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) a tough political operator and describes Vice President Richard Nixon as “nearer to a Dewey liberal” than a conservative.

On the jump, Walter Alston drops some hints about the Dodgers’ starting lineup.

March 6, 1960, Previn Rozsa

I don’t imagine many people think of Miklos Rozsa as anything but a film composer, but here he is leading the Los Angeles Philharmonic with Andre Previn in the Grieg Piano Concerto. 

March 6, 1960, Reston March 6, 1960, Reston

March 6, 1960, Dodgers

March 6, 1960, Dodgers

Walter Alston gives some hints on the Dodgers’ starting lineup. Duke Snider probably won’t do much base stealing, Alston says, to protect his bad knee.