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Meet Pat Nixon

March 22, 2010 |  8:03 am

March 22, 1960, Pat Nixon

March 22, 1960: Pat Nixon supported herself after her parents died, including work as a movie extra. Look for her in “Becky Sharp.”

On the jump, “The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond” … and Roy Campanella is taken to New York for treatment after suffering a dizzy spell at the Dodgers’ training camp in Vero Beach, Fla.

March 22, 1960, Legs Diamond

Opening tomorrow: “The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond!” 

March 22, 1960, Pat Nixon

March 22, 1960, Pat Nixon

March 22, 1960, Campanella

Quote of the day: "Dick stands for something and naturally he will be attacked. I've become quite philosophical about it. People have a right to say and write what they want and, after all, I don't have to read any of it. I know in my own heart what's right and what's wrong. That's enough for me."

--Pat Nixon, on her husband, Vice President Richard Nixon