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Matt Weinstock, March 19, 1960

March 19, 2010 |  4:12 pm


Pig Stickers, En Garde

Matt Weinstock     Sportsmen who complain they have to go farther and farther for good fishing and hunting -- prepare to drool.  Dr. Louis Higger of L.A. writes from Kati, New Zealand: "Here we are on the other side of the globe.  This is an unspoiled area on the Bay of Plenty, where in a  few hours one can catch two or three striped marlin that will go 250 to 300 pounds.  Occasionally one can tangle with a mako shark, 800 to 900 pounds, a tremendous fighter when the hook has been set.

    "In a few days we leave here (North Island) for South Island, where the hunting is fantastic.  Up to about 75 years ago there was no native game.  They were imported, flourished (no predatory animals) until they threatened to overrun the country, with the result the government sent out extermination crews to thin out the herds.  Now there are all kinds of deer -- chamois, thar, fallow, whitetail, sambar and elk.  All over the area are European boar.  Local sports go in for pig-sticking.  Dogs track down the boar and drag him by the ears.  Then the hunter steps in with his knife.  This can be ticklish, as wild boars go up to 500 pounds and don't like the idea of having their throats cut.  By the way, no hunting license is needed, and there are no game limits. 


 March 19, 1960, "Level 7"

This is an installment of Mordecai Roshwald’s “Level 7,” which was serialized in the Mirror-News.
    "Just got back from trout fishing.  Caught four rainbows, each weighing about six and eight pounds.  They're being slowly grilled over an open fire while we have a beer, just like in the TV ads in L.A."


, Mrs. Sanders Green-Spon, received her bank statement the other day and, as always, went over it figure by figure.  Finally she marched triumphantly to the phone and called the bank.  For the first time the bank had made an error involving a credit to her account.  She is comparing the event, her husband confides, to a perfect bridge hand (all hearts) she got in 1937.


"Dear Jonesy," said the
"I'm marrying you,
    my plum,
Because I'm sick of
    hoping that
Some day my prints
    will come."


    EXAMPLES OF alphabetical sentences, first suggested by actor Neil Hamilton, continue to trickle in.  They're difficult to do and many of them show the strain of construction to the point that they are mere exercises in irrelevancy.  But here's a meaningful one by Marian Lloyd Dix:  Atom baited, chromosome driven, eternally fingering hieroglyphic indicants juxtaposing knowledge, lore, nuances of prophesies quixotically revolutionary, scientists -- together, unjoined, various -- wistfully X-ray yeasty zeniths.

    Just for the heck of it, Rosalie Gustafson did one in reverse:  Zealous young xeruses wait vigilantly under trees, sneaking round quietly, pouncing on nuts, moving like kangaroos, jumping in high gyrations from every dark copse bedecking Africa.

March 19, 1960, Abby

    David McGrath found this one, by John Fandel, in The Commonweal:  As bravery, courage, differ, even faith, graced hope, in joining knowledge, love, makes now our peace, quest resolving:  surely.  Thomases, undergoing verifies wisdom, Xian yearning, zeal.

    And at Hawthorne High because of what appeared here, student Ricki Valencia reports her English class was assigned to write one, which she did.  Hope she got an A.


advice to his 16-year-old son, who has just got his driver's license:  Now that you're permitted to drive, I've got some good advice for you.  Be sure that slip of black paper expires long before you do.


For St. Patrick's Day Vincent Sotello's Imperial tortilleria on E 1st St. served a Hibernian tamale -- with green chili instead of red . . . After an interlude with rock and roll.  Al Jarvis, a disc jockey for 28 years, reverts to Music for Adults tomorrow on KLAC . . . Miracle in Malibu:  Tuesday's big wind rolled a trash can along Pacific Coast Highway.  Roy Ringer helped rescue it and found a  frightened cat inside.