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Lummis Quits Library Job

March 5, 2010 |  2:00 am

 March 5, 1910, Lummis Quits

March 5, 1910: This was one of those days when there were too many good stories to focus on one: Charles Lummis resigns as city librarian … a veterinarian's assistant dies a horrible death after being bitten by a diseased dog … Andrew Carnegie is coming to see the observatory he’s funding on Mt. Wilson, though he isn’t arriving at the right time for the best view of Halley’s Comet … and plans to generate electricity using water in the aqueduct.

March 5, 1910, Front Page 

“New Comet Unripe for Skibo’s Laird” is the one of the most cryptic headlines I’ve ever seen.

March 5, 1910, Lummis Quits

March 5, 1910, Dog Bite

The Times refers to rumors that Charles Lummis didn’t get along with the city’s “Goo Goo” (good government) administration.