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Kennedy, Nixon Lead in New Hampshire

March 9, 1960, Combs Family

On the jump, an attorney seeks to keep state officials from removing Alice Marie Combs, 4, center, from her foster home in an effort to find a more intellectually stimulating family for the girl, who has an IQ of 138.

March 9, 1960, Cover  

March 9, 1960: Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Vice President Richard Nixon lead their parties in the New Hampshire primary.  The Associated Press story noted that although the Republican candidate usually runs a 2-1 ratio to the Democratic candidate in New Hampshire, the difference between Kennedy and Nixon was much closer, 53,111 to 38,012.

Also on the jump, jurors resume deliberations in the Finch case after listening to a nine-hour reading of Dr. R. Bernard Finch’s testimony.

March 9, 1960, Duke Snider

March 9, 1960, Combs Family 



And “Can-Can” is opening at the Carthay Circle. Steve Allen and his cameras will be there!

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