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Kennedy and Catholicism

March 1, 2010 |  5:00 am

Feb. 29, 1960, Kennedy 

Note: For quite a while, the Daily Mirror has been clicking along in perfect synchronization with the past. Mondays were Mondays and Fridays were Fridays. No more, because 1960 was a leap year and 2010 isn't.

Feb. 29, 1960: The Times’ Robert T. Hartmann takes a look at Sen. John F. Kennedy's Catholicism, a central issue in the 1960 presidential race.  "The deep-rooted concern over a Catholic chief executive stems not wholly from blind prejudice but from the original sense of the term 'Protestant,' " Hartmann writes.

"The often unspoken question is whether Kennedy would be subject to, and responsive to, the discipline and direction of the Roman Catholic clergy while executing the office of the president of the United States." 

On the jump, Hartmann says Jackie Kennedy is a liability – she’s too beautiful!

“Finally, and this compounds his other problems, there is Mrs. Kennedy. She is also too young, too rich and too beautiful -- not in a classic way but with the exotic elfin features of a high-fashion model. Those who know Jackie Kennedy like her very much. But to strangers she is visibly bored by campaigning, no match at politics for the practiced partners of Johnson, Humphrey, Nixon and Symington.”

Feb. 29, 1960, Kennedy 

Feb. 29, 1960, kennedy


Feb. 29, 1960: Guess what… “Frankenstein’s Daughter” is a horror film, introducing Harold “Sex Kittens Go to College” Lloyd Jr.