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In the Days of Film Flacking

March 22, 1920, Annette Kellerman

March 22, 1920: The Times says Annette Kellerman takes too many risks to get accident insurance or life insurance,  but she can get “coverage” – so to speak -- for her figure.

March 22, 1920, Banjos

A Tu-Ba-Phone banjo, $110 [$1,167.87 USD 2009].

March 22, 1920, Annette Kellerman

Quote of the day: “My Gawd – what a life!”

--Annette Kellerman, on insuring her figure for $250,000 [$2,654,240.43, USD 2009].

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Love the blog but do not understand the title "In The Days of Film Flacking." This seems to indicate flackery has disappeared along with the high button shoes. Whut do you think the "Oscars" represent? It's old time flackery at its best, or worst. Simply a p. r. job to get the great unwashed into the theaters. I wonder if all those starlets with plastic body parts can get them insured??? But perhaps we are too cynical.


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