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Baptismal Records Hold Evidence in Suit Over Pioneer’s Estate

March 3, 2010 |  4:00 am

March 3, 1920, Grease 

March 3, 1920: I’m sure the concept of this ad seemed fine. But we have a slightly malevolent fellow spilling grease that turns into a highway. Maybe that’s why we don’t hear much about Gredag these days.

On the jump, baptismal records are introduced as evidence in a lawsuit over the Workman estate because Los Angeles County didn’t keep birth records between 1881 and 1888, The Times says.

March 3, 1920, Excuse My Dust

Excuse My Dust” is playing at the Million Dollar Theatre. 

March 3, 1920, Baptismal Records

March 3, 1920: Heirs bring a lawsuit over the William Workman property at Bassett station.


“The Days of Real Sport,” by Clare Briggs. This Valentine’s Day cartoon, published March 3,  seems to reflect a certain disinterest in being timely. Briggs’ cartoons frequently deal with topics that have passed, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m not sure if there was a time lag in publishing them or comics artists weren’t so concerned with themes 90 years ago.