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Through the Lens – Aviation Meet

January 1910 Aviation Meet 
Roy Knabenshue’s dirigible at the Aviation Meet.

January 1910 Aviation Meet
January 1910, Aviation Meet

January 1910: The Aviation Meet is viewed primary for its accomplishments with airplanes, and the balloonists tend to be overlooked. This photo (possibly by Sawyer and Dwyer, the handwriting on the back is in an old-fashioned, elaborate cursive that is hard to read)  shows Roy Knabenshue in a “government dirigible.” At right, Dick [Francis?] gives the order to lift off.

Knabenshue started dirigible passenger service in Pasadena in 1913, using a field at Marengo Avenue and Ipswich Street, his obituary says. He died in 1960 at the age of 83.


March 7, 1960, Roy Knabenshue

March 7, 1960: Roy Knabenshue dies.

March 7, 1960, Roy Knabenshue

March 7, 1960, Roy Knabenshue

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