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Does L.A. Want the Lakers?

February 23, 2010 | 10:00 am

Feb. 23, 1960, Lakers 

Feb. 23, 1960: Minneapolis Lakers owner Bob Short was ahead of his time.

Reading comments made by Short to a group of basketball writers, one could assume he owned a team in 2010 rather than 1960. After all, he was trying to move his team and had a spot all picked out, but he still felt the need to play hard-to-get.

Short desperately wanted out of Minnesota and given the Dodgers' success in L.A., the city looked like a sure thing. But among Short's issues were the proposed rent at the Sports Arena was too high, he wasn't sure the league fathers would approve the deal (it was not his decision, poor guy) and he wanted the Lakers to be wanted. Seriously.

"It's apparent that he would like some form of an official invitation from the city of Los Angeles," Mal Florence wrote in The Times.

I doubt he was holding L.A. hostage, but what silliness. As St. Louis Hawks owner Ben Kerner said, "There shouldn't be any fuss about L.A. being a good sports town. … The NBA should come to Los Angeles."

--Keith Thursby