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Artist’s Notebook: Corvette Driver

February 26, 2010 | 12:00 am

“Corvette Driver,” by Marion Eisenmann

Feb. 22, 2010: Marion Eisenmann sends a drawing of a Corvette and its driver that she saw over the weekend.

Marion writes: After heading out for a bike ride with two male friends at Bonelli Park, I short cut the second loop and made it back to the parking lot a little bit  earlier. Similar to the cyclist of the “Les triplettes de Belleville,”  I arrived there with my last breath. Suddenly, my attention was  consumed by a lady leaning onto the back of her red Corvette. 

Debbie was dressed in a petrol-towards-green blazer and  complemented her lips with pink. She was awaiting some of her 250  members of the PVCA, which stands for Pomona Valley Corvette  Association.

Of course she noticed my curious scanning looks, and  before she could say anything, I smiled at her and said "I am an  illustrator and you were an interesting object to me." She smiled and a  few seconds later, she said, "If I had known I would be observed by an  illustrator today, I would have lost 10 pounds."

We both laughed,  and I quickly gave her back "Just caught the moment in time."

I asked Marion if she draws cars so well because she worked on a project for VW/Audi. She says, "Well, yes, I did do my diploma thesis at their design studio, saw a lot of sketches, cars in development and learned about their visual construction, yet my interpretations were for a calendar and used to be more comical than anything else."

Note: In case you just tuned in, Marion and I are visiting local landmarks in a project inspired by what Charles Owens and Joe Seewerker did in Nuestro Pueblo. Be sure to check back for another page from Marion's notebook.

By the way, Daily Mirror readers have asked about buying copies of Marion's artwork. Naturally, this is gratifying because I think Marion's work is terrific, and one of my great pleasures is sharing it with readers. We have decided that the project is a journey about discovering Los Angeles rather than creating things to sell. Marion is busy with other projects and says she isn't set up to mass-produce prints but would entertain inquiries about specific pieces. For further information, contact Marion directly.