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TV Writers Go on Strike Over Residuals

January 16, 2010 |  8:00 am

Jan. 16, 1960, Nancy

“I Wish He'd Finish His Cartoon Before He Takes His Coffee Break.”View this photo

Jan. 16, 1960, WGA Strike

Jan. 16, 1960, WGA Strike

Jan. 16, 1960, Eisenhower

Akron has slipper sox!

Jan. 16, 1960, Ike Goes Hunting

President Eisenhower, the man of the decade, according to a Gallup poll, goes bird hunting.

Jan. 16, 1960, Radioactive Waste

A radioactive waste disposal company in Long Beach has been operating without a permit.

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Jan. 16, 1960, Smog 

“During the past five years we have found the smog in Los Angeles is caused primarily by auto exhaust activated by intense sunlight. We call this photo-chemical smog. We realize crankcase emissions are a smog source, but they are only about 10% of the cause. Most of the rest is caused by exhaust emissions so let's not get too excited about eliminating crankcase vapors,” says W.L. Faith of the Air Pollution Foundation in San Marino.


Jan. 16, 1960, Ford for VP

Rep. Gerald R. Ford (R-Mich.), 47,  is vice presidential timber!

Jan. 16, 1960, Horoscope

Jan. 16, 1960, Jerry Lewis

Everybody knows who Helen Traubel is, but Johnny Unitas has to be identified.
Jan. 16, 1960: “A walkout against major film studios by movie writers is scheduled for 11:59 p.m. today. The strikes follow failure of guild and industry negotiators to reach agreement on a new contract, particularly on the issue of payments to writers for post-1948-films sold to TV, and on inclusion of a payments formula.”