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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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The Conquest of the Air


Jan. 13, 1910, Louis Paulhan

Jan. 13, 1910: Louis Paulhan sets an altitude record of  about 4,165 feet. It was impossible to be sure because Paulhan didn't note the setting on a borrowed barometer before he took off. The figure of 4,165 feet was calculated using triangulation from on the ground while the barometer registered 4,600 feet. 

Jan. 13, 1910, Aviation Week

Cartoonist Albert Jean Taylor gives Miss Los Angeles an airplane hat. Taylor, who was at The Times for about seven years, died in 1927 at the age of 59. 

Jan. 13, 1910, Cover

I’ve seen some unusual layouts in the old papers, but nothing quite like this.

image  Jan. 13, 1910, Aviation At left, The Times publishes a chart comparing Paulhan’s achievement with previous records.


Jan. 13, 1910, Aviation Meet

Jan. 13, 1910, Aviation Meet

One flier who built an airplane in secret tries to take off in the street in hopes of flying to the aviation grounds, but wrecks his plane when he rams a curb.

Jan. 13, 1910, Aviation Meet

Jan. 13, 1910: "The eyes of the world are turned toward Los Angeles this morning and the name of Louis Paulhan is spoken in many tongues because man had never flown so high on a heavier-than-air machine as Paulhan flew yesterday at Aviation Field. Forty-thousand fortunate spectators in and about Los Angeles are trying vainly to describe to their friends the spectacle they witnessed. It was one of those experiences that come but once in a lifetime. It was the first time many of those present had ever seen a human being soar into the air on an aeroplane, like a bird, and to watch a flight nearly a mile straight toward the zenith was soul-stirring."

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