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Republicans Losing Strength, Poll Finds

January 31, 2010 |  8:00 am

Jan. 31, 1960, Freeways

Jan. 31, 1960: A progress report on the construction of Los Angeles’ freeways.

Jan. 31, 1960, Gallup Poll  

Jan. 31, 1960, Gallup Poll


The Democrats try to assess the political weaknesses of Vice President Richard Nixon. The unpublished study obtained by the Herald Tribune News Service finds that most people have only a dim awareness of Nixon’s 1950 campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas. “Although the image of Nixon as a ruthless opportunist, it reports, is held by some voters, almost all of them are Democrats,” the story says.

Jan. 31, Native Americans

Native Americans protest their portrayal on television.

Jan. 31, 1960, M-14

Goodbye, M-1 Garand and BAR! Of course the M-14 will be replaced by the M-16, which was developed by George C. Sullivan, a Lockheed engineer tinkering in his garage in Hollywood.

Jan. 3, 1966, M-16

Jan. 3, 1966: George C. Sullivan, a hunting enthusiast who was tired of carrying a heavy rifle and decided to improve it,  shows off the latest version of the weapon, an AR-18.

Jan. 31, 1960, John Cassavetes

Cecil Smith talks to John Cassavetes about “Shadows.”

Jan. 31, 1960, John Cassavetes

Jan. 31, 1960, Braven Dyer

Braven Dyer recaps boxing at the Coliseum.
Jan. 31, 1960: A new Gallup poll offers sobering news for the Republican Party despite the popularity of President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon, and attributes Democrats’ strength to better canvassing for candidates.