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Paulhan Sets Distance Record

January 19, 2010 |  2:00 am

Jan. 19, 1910, Aviation Meet

Jan. 19, 1910, Aviation Meet

Jan. 19, 1910, Aviation Meet

"In his eagerness to get a view of one of the flying machines at Aviation Field, Charles Arnesavage leaned too far out of the rear of one of the Pacific Electric flyers on the way to the field and, overbalancing, aviated to a trestle which crosses a slough on the Dominguez ranch."

Jan. 19, 1910, Aviation Meet

From the ox team to the aeroplane is a tableaux to be presented to the spectators at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, the closing day of the Aviation Meet, by the Merchants' and Manufacturers' Assn.'s Aviation Committee, which has so brilliantly pulled off the meet -- one of the greatest strokes ever made for Los Angeles by any group of men.

First an ox team will be brought on the field and be given its station before the stands. The burros are to be driven out with their packs. These will be followed by a team of horses, then bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, balloons, dirigibles and aeroplanes.

Jan. 19, 1910: Louis Paulhan sets a distance record by flying to Santa Anita and back. "Paulhan's flight to Baldwin's ranch and back was such a flight as one has in dreams -- over cities and peaceful valleys and into flaming clouds and facing, at last, into distance." The Times says.