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Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, Jan. 16, 1960

January 16, 2010 |  2:00 pm


Jan. 16, 1960, Mirror Cover

Mash Notes and Comment

Paul Coates    (Press release)  "If you have the pleasure of attending the Stan Kenton-June Christy-Four Freshmen get-together Jan. 22 at the Shrine Auditorium, better bring a fresh box of Kleenex for this watery night.

    "Baton-bearing Kenton, La Christy and the Four Freshmen will be joyously reunited for this January evening only.

    "Old memories from dusty musical closets -- of old days in the Forties when Miss C. used to sing exclusively with the Kenton orchestra. -- Days of town to town -- ballrooms, theaters and gymnasiums.

    "The whole country swung with good taste in jazz.  -- Days of peanut butter sandwiches, rehearsals on mail trains, and tossing pennies -- all tear-provoking memories.

Jan. 16, 1960, Annexation     "The Four Freshmen also feel a sad but glad feeling when they recall the 'old days' -- for Kenton was the distinguished gentleman who gave the harmonious boys their musical goose to stardom." (signed) Audrey P. Franklyn, Public Relations, 2322 Canyon Dr., Los Angeles.

        --He's no gentleman!


    "You are cordially invited to a PAJAMA TOPS PARTY . . .

    "Celebrating the 100th week anniversary of 'Pajama Tops.'

    "The date:  Tuesday, Jan. 19.

    "Le Grand Comedy Theater in Hollywood,

    "1451 Cahuenga Boulevard.

    "The party, hostessed by pajama-top-wearing Greta Thyssen with Myrna Ross and Dodie Brake, will include champagne and/or beer as well as strudel and/or pizza, besides the latest news and/or views of this perennially popular subject, garment and show.

    "Please attend in street clothing."  (signed) The Pajama Top cast, Hollywood.

    --I will not.  If you're gonna have  a party, have  a party.


    (Press release) "Honorable Stephen Mallory White, 'The Father of Los Angeles Harbor,' great statesman, humanitarian, native son.

    "On his 107th birthday anniversary, Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 12:00 noon, at his statue in front of New Los Angeles County Court House, First and Hill Streets, The Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West and prominent persons will gather and pay tribute to the memory of the Honorable Stephen Mallory White.

    "Included will be:  Grand President John B. Schmolle of the Native Sons of the Golden West, Stephen Mallory White III, and Past Grand President Eldred Meyer.

    "Superior Court Judges Walter Odemar, Maurice Sparling and Alfred Peracca;  Supervisor Kenneth Hahn;  several city councilmen, including Callicott and Henry; former Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz;  Miss Grace Stoermer and Sanida Sullivan representing The Native Daughters of the Golden West. 

    "Music will be supplied by the Los Angeles Police Post, American Legion Band. 

    "We invite all of you who love Los Angeles and California to join with us."  (signed) John C. Crowe, Chairman of the Committee of the Native Sons of the Golden West to Honor the Memory of Stephen Mallory White, Los Angeles.

    --Well, I was going to a pajama party, but this sounds like a real bash.