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Nixon's Role in Settling Steel Strike

January 5, 2010 |  8:00 am

Jan. 5, 1960, Nixon
Jan. 5, 1960, Nixon
Jan. 5, 1960, Nixon 

Jan. 5, 1960, Kennedy

Jan. 5, 1960, Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins -- Hollywood's mixed-up young movie star! And why does Jerry West go to pieces against a mediocre team?

Jan. 5, 1960: The Times publishes what’s known in the trade as a “tick tock” on Vice President Richard Nixon’s role in resolving the steel strike that had paralyzed American industry. And the editorial page lobs a few darts at Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. An analysis of Nixon and the steel strike is far beyond the scope of this blog, but it’s interesting to note the newspaper’s tone toward Nixon and Kennedy. According to a March 23, 1960, analysis by James Reston, Nixon won little support from labor because of his intervention in the steel strike.

March 23, 1960, Nixon