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L.A. Ready to Take to the Air

January 9, 2010 |  2:00 am

Jan. 9, 1910, Aviation Week  

Jan. 9, 1910, Aerial View
An aerial view of Los Angeles.

Jan. 9, 1910, Aviation Meet

The Times publishes photos of the aviation grounds and members of the aviation committee. "Each of the big aviators are made headliners each day and will contest for one prize or another daily. All machines available are to fly daily, and it depends on the wind and atmospheric conditions where trials for records will be made," The Times says.

Jan. 9, 1910, Balloons

A brief history of ballooning, with an aerial photo of Los Angeles.

Jan. 9, 1910, Aviation

By 1910, 26 people had been killed in accidents involving balloons and airplanes, The Times says. 

Jan. 9, 1910, Aviation

"Airships 500 feet long, able to carry 20 or more passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back without making a landing, are owned by the German government.

"The huge air birds of the Zeppelin type are able to carry up tons of artillery and ammunition, fuel and explosives. They are equipped with powerful searchlights and can make as much as 35 mph -- more than the fastest ocean greyhounds."

Jan. 9, 1910, Dominguez Ranch

A brief history of Dominguez Rancho, where the aviation events were taking place. 

Jan. 9, 1910, Aviation Meet

A simplified guide to aviation and the latest models of aircraft.  Glenn Curtiss will be flying an aircraft in which the pilot controls the ailerons with his shoulders. 

Jan. 9, 1910, Aviation Meet

"The greatest single advance in the entire history of aerial navigation is credited to Prof. John J. Montgomery of Santa Clara College. He designed and constructed the most successful aeroplane glider that has ever been invented. In April 1905, a descent was made in this glider by a professional parachute jumper from a balloon at a height of 4,000 feet before many witnesses."

Nov. 1, 1911, Mongtomery Dies

Nov. 1, 1911: Professor John J. Montgomery of Santa Clara College dies in fall from a glider that he was testing.

 Jan. 9, 1910, Occidental College

Occidental moves to Eagle Rock. "No shacks, no temporary homes, no saloons, nothing objectionable of any nature. "

Jan. 9, 1910: The Times publishes a guide to powered flight and ballooning and includes the history of the Dominguez Rancho, where the Aviation Meet took place. Among the many facts presented in The Times is the first flight of a “helicopeter”: 15 inches in 1909.