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Rock Is on Its Way Out

Jan. 10 1960, Stan Freberg
Don Page features Stan Freberg's "Payola Roll Blues."

   Jan. 10, 1960, Freberg


Jan. 10, 1960

Don Page did not dig rock 'n' roll music.

How else can you explain these opinions, looking ahead to radio in the 1960s.

"There are signs (if my mail is an indication) that the teen-ager is getting smart and realizing there are other things in life besides rock 'n' roll and hot rods," Page wrote. "If this is true, then radio is in for a swingin' era during the 60s. The accent will be on good music, top sports and expanded news coverage."

Man, he must have been disappointed. Any 1960 teens out there who were giving Mr. Page the wrong idea?

--Keith Thursby

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Comments (2)

Well, he was right in one sense -- there *was* good music to come in the 60s. Just not the music he was expecting. :)

No, I was a confirmed 15-year-old rocker when this article came out, listening to the first rock 'n' roll hit of the new decade: Jimmy Jones singing “Handy Man.”


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