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Glenn Curtiss Makes First Flight in Western U.S.

January 10, 2010 |  2:00 am


Glenn Curtiss makes the first flight in the western U.S., above and below.

Jan. 10, 1910, Aviation

Jan. 10, 1910, Aviation

Jan. 10, 1910, Aviation

Jan. 10, 1910, Aviation

"It was an auspicious occasion and was the tonic needed to raise excitement to a high pitch. An aviator had actually flown his machine, and the crowd was satisfied, and through the city last night there stole a tremendous impetus of anticipation as the word passed from mouth to mouth that the real flying machines had come at last."

Jan. 10, 1910, Aviation

Louis Paulhan and two companions assemble two Farman and two Bleriot aircraft at the airfield. "Paulhan seemed more interested in dissecting a navel orange than in commenting on the field. When asked for his opinion. Paulhan shrugged his shoulders and gave a course of explosive puffs," The Times says.

Jan. 10, 1910, Guillotine Film
Jan. 10, 1910: French officials seize a man who filmed a prisoner being guillotined, as well as the camera and film.