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Finch Stole Two Cadillacs, Went to Las Vegas

Jan. 23, 1960, Finch Trial 

Betty Jean Behr shows a photo of victim Barbara Jean Finch.

Jan. 23, 1960, Finch Trial

Jan. 23, 1960, Atomic Waste

What to do with the radioactive waste piling up in Long Beach? Dump it in the ocean!

Jan. 23, 1960, Atomic Waste

Mach 22, 1960, Atomic Waste 

March 22, 1960: A judge rules that Long Beach has no right to oppose an atomic waste facility, saying that it is "an indispensable part of both the peacetime and defense uses of atomic energy. Without a continuous and speedy waste disposal program all atomic research and production would stop."

Jan. 23, 1960, Atomic Waste

March 27, 1960: Even an explosion wasn’t enough to deter operations.

Dec. 12, 1960, Atomic Waste

Dec. 12, 1960: The Atomic Energy Commission recommends closing Robert Boswell’s Coastwise Marine Disposal Co. Unfortunately, I can’t find any further coverage in The Times to learn whether the business was shut down.

Jan. 23, 1960: Testimony in the Finch murder case focuses on two Cadillacs that were stolen shortly after Barbara Jean Finch was shot.

One Cadillac was taken from a home at 1847 Citrus St., in West Covina near Finch’s home and abandoned three miles away.

The other Cadillac was stolen from 15418 E. Alwood St., La Puente, and found in Las Vegas, four blocks from the apartment where Finch was arrested.

Defense attorney Grant B. Cooper told one car owner that Finch offered his apologies for the theft.

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You mean they allowed him to just dump these barrels in the ocean? What were they thinking?!


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