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Crowd Cheers Paulhan, Curtiss

Jan. 17, 1910, Cartoon

Jan. 17, 1910, Aviation Meet
A Times photo shows the huge crowd at the Aviation Meet.

Jan. 17, 1910, Aviation Meet


Jan. 17, 1910, Aviation Week
Jan. 17, 1910, Aviation Records
Jan. 17, 1910, Aviation Meet
Jan. 17, 1910: “One of the largest crowds ever assembled in one inclosure in Southern California saw the Sunday flights of the airships.

“Over 50,000 people braved the showers yesterday, lustily cheering the aviators and waiting for the clouds to roll away. When the sun came out, there was joy untold.

“Touched by their enthusiasm, both [Glenn] Curtiss and [Louis] Paulhan risked their lives in what undoubtedly was the most dangerous series of airship flights ever undertaken.

“Paulhan made a spectacular flight in the face of a rushing gale of wind which threatened him with death every instant, carrying two passengers on his biplane.

“During his flight in this wind, Curtiss is believed by many aviators to have made the fastest time ever flown in an aeroplane.”

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