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Calvin Coolidge – Modest Candidate

January 8, 2010 |  4:00 am

Jan. 8, 1920, Briggs

“Movie of a Man Celebrating New Year’s Eve (New Style),” by Clare Briggs.

Jan. 8, 1920, Coolidge

Massachusetts Gov. Calvin Coolidge enters the race for the Republican presidential nomination in a declaration that is unimaginable today:

"I do not feel that any man could regard himself as qualified to fill the great office of president. If it comes to any man, it should come not of his own seeking but as a great duty to be met with a knowledge and faith that when duties are sent powers are sent to enable their discharge.

“I do not care to express any opinion as to what should be done by men entrusted with affairs at Washington with regard to the matters which have been committed to their decision.”

  Jan. 8, 1920, Couple
Jan. 8, 1920: R.L. Cornell, 28, is arrested on charges from Seattle that he abandoned his wife. His alleged companion is also arrested on charges of violating the Mann Act. He says they’re only friends and tells police that he deeded everything to his wife before he left her.