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Aviator Not Worried About Wright Brothers’ Suit

Jan. 4, 1910, Aviation Week

Warren and Frank Eaton work on the Eaton-Twining monoplane at Chutes Park as Edgar S. Smith watches.

Jan. 4, 1910, Aviation Meet
Hillery Beachey and an assistant look over the Gill-Dosh biplane at the official Aviation Week garage, 7th and Los Angeles streets.

Jan. 4, 1910, Aviation Meet

Jan. 4, 1910: The Times profiles aviator Louis Paulhan and his wife, Celeste, who will take part in the Aviation Week events as part of a U.S. tour.

The French liner carrying the Paulhans was met in New York by an attorney for the Wright Bros.  who served Louis Paulhan with notice of a suit for using a Farman aircraft, which the Wrights said infringed on one of their patents.

"Paulhan said he was not altogether surprised over the Wright suit and added that he would go on flying just the same. He said that he could easily remove the wing tips which the Wright Bros. assert are covered by their invention," The Times says.  


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