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Category: May 31, 2009 - June 6, 2009

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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: Latest Music on Sale

June 5, 1918, Music  

June 5, 1918: "Keep the Home Fires Burning" and "At the Jazz Band Ball."

Movie Star Mystery Photo


 June 1, 2009, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: As many people guessed, this is Susan Hampshire! Above, Hampshire in a publicity photo for "The Fighting Prince of Donegal," 1966.

Please congratulate Sue, Michael Christian, AJ, Virginia Jauregui and Susan Farrell for correctly identifying her! 

Just a reminder on how this works: I post the mystery photo on Monday and reveal the answer on Friday ... or on Saturday if I have a hard time picking only five pictures -- sometimes it's difficult to choose. To keep the mystery photo from getting lost in the other entries, I move it from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday, etc., adding a photo every day.

I have to approve all comments, so if your guess is posted immediately, that means you're wrong. (And if a wrong guess has already been submitted by someone else, there's no point in submitting it again.) If you're right, you will have to wait until Friday. There's no need to submit your guess five times. Once is enough. The only prize is bragging rights. 

The answer to last week's mystery star: Paul Lukas!

June 2, 2009, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Update: Hampshire in "During One Night," 1962.

Here's our mystery woman. Please congratulate Anne Papineau, Julie, Joan Myers, CandyC and Dewey Webb for correctly identifying her!

June 3, 2009, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Hampshire in "The Trygon Factor," 1969.

Here's our mystery woman with a disembodied hand holding a break-top revolver. (No, just The Times' art department heavily retouching the picture). Could that be an Enfield or is it some really ancient pistol you wouldn't dare fire with modern ammo? We'll have to dig through our file of firearm reference photos. (Nope, not an Enfield. Looks more like a Harrington & Richardson .32).

Please congratulate Sue, Carmen, Barbara Klein, Claire Lockhart, Mike Hawks, Lisa Mateas, Margie MacDuff, LC, Bruce, Megan Bailey, Jeff Hanna and Carole for correctly identifying her!

June 4, 2009, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Hampshire and Renaud Verley in "I Couldn't Find Roses for My Mother" ("No encontré rosas para mi madre"), also known as "Mortal Sin," "Peccato Mortale," "Roses and Green Peppers," "Roses rouges et piments verts," "Sex and the Lonely Woman" and "Lonely Woman," 1972.

Here's our mystery woman with a mystery companion!

June 5, 2009, Mystery Photo
Photograph by Samuel Mircovich / Los Angeles Times

Hampshire in Los Angeles for the 1984 Olympics.

Homeless Sleep in All-Night Theaters!

 June 5, 1939, Norda Noll
"Norda Noll Slain"

June 5, 1939, Nuestro Pueblo

The Lugo Adobe on Gage Avenue.

June 5, 1939, Flopping in an All Night Movie Theater

The Police Commission wanted to close all-night theaters but the council rejected the action amid debate over whether the city, county or state should care for the homeless who would be displaced. Yes, the homeless of skid row were an issue 70 years ago.
June 5, 1939, Cover
Hitler accuses France and Britain of "encirclement."  View this page

June 5, 1939, Hitler

June 5, 1939, USC Graduation

USC commencement exercises at the Coliseum.

June 5, 1939, Rattlesnake James

"Rattlesnake" James, the last man to be hanged in California.

June 5, 1939, Jews
Jewish refugees to the Philippines?

June 5, 1939, B-Girls

Authorities try to regulate the B-Girls on Main Street.

June 5, 1939, Woodcarver

David Villasenor teaches woodcarving to at-risk youths.

June 5, 1939, Pepsi

"Harlem Comes to Hollywood." 

June 5, 1939, Rex Gambling Ship

Another full-page ad for the Rex. Tony Cornero certainly took out lots of full-page ads in The Times. Evidently we didn't have a problem with offshore gambling.

June 5, 1939, Stupid Letters

When writing letters was an art.

June 5, 1939, Sermons

The Rev. Bruce Brown could be making a rebuttal to the saying that ministers should preach with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. 

June 5, 1939, Gurden

Officer Wilmont Wilson and the Rev. Bernard F. Gurden, a pastor at Angelus Temple, die.

June 5, 1939, Robbery

Bess Keeney is attacked while waiting for a streetcar at Jefferson and Vermont.
June 5, 1939, Duesenberg

Duesenbergs for sale!

June 5, 1939, Boxing

Boxers Tony Galento, left, Max Baer and Lou Nova clown for the camera.

June 5, 1939, Lee Side

Literature and art by Lee Shippey.

June 5, 1939, Beauty Mask
June 5, 1939, Rebecca

Casting for "Rebecca."

June 5, 1939, Sex Criminals

The Times opposes parole for sex criminals.
June 5, 1939, Arrid

June 5, 1939, Sports
Bill Henry takes a look at Hollywood Park's revenues. View this page

June 5, 1939, Comics
View this page

June 5, 1939, Sun Never Sets

"The Sun Never Sets" with "For Love or Money" or "Code of the Streets."
"Warm Blooded Men! Desperate Women!

Libelous Mail ... Mortality Report ... Property Dispute

June 5, 1889, Briefs
June 5, 1889

Woman Convicted as Dope Fiend

June 5, 1889, Dope Fiend

June 5, 1889: Lizzie Lopez is guilty of smoking opium. Notice whom she had for an attorney: Horace Bell, author of "Reminiscences of a Ranger."

Found on EBay -- Security Savings Bank

Bank Interior

This postcard of the boardroom at Security Savings Bank has been listed on EBay. This is a bit of Victorian opulence -- take a look at the marble fireplace. Bidding starts at $3.25.

Matt Weinstock, June 4, 1959

Only in L.A.

Matt Weinstock A well-known figure in the music world was dining with a woman in a restaurant the other night when his brother walked in. The music man turned the other way and shielded his companion so they wouldn't be seen.

Next day the brother phoned him and asked what the idea was.

The music man said, "I didn't want anyone to see the girl I was with."

"Look, we're brothers!" was the retort. "You don't nave to hide anything from me!"

"I know," the music man said, "but I just didn't want to be seen with her. It was my ex-wife."


AN ENGINEER with a firm doing secret work on missiles got a shock the other day. His daughter, a third grader, interviewed him recently for a school assignment. When she let him read her appear he was appalled to discover that she'd added some of her own fantastic ideas to the meager information he'd given her and reached conclusions that were highly classified.


June 4, 1959, Austerity A LADY WHO came down with a severe and stubborn ailment and had to go to a hospital has recovered from the illness but not quite from her doctor's diagnosis.

This is a rare treat," he said in delight. "You have not only one but two types of disease. We seldom get to see it except in autopsies."



"Fabulous" at last is being tabled --
But whoa for us -- who likes "fabled"?



THE PSYCHIC phenomena department is buzzing today.

During the night the electricity went off briefly in Carl Logan's home in Playa del Rey, and the next morning he had to reset the electric clock. When he got into his car he found that the electric clock there had also stopped at exactly the same time as the house clock.

And when Merwin Gerard of the ABC-TV program "Alcoa Presents," which deals with the unexplainable, appeared on KFI to talk about his show, his voice was heard coming over the music by KFAC listeners.

LITERARY NOTES -- In 1945 Joseph Hudock wrote a CBS radio "Suspense" script titled "Spoils for Victor." Producer Bill Robson used it again recently but now can't find the author to pay him for the rerun. That's the way things go. Most Hollywood writers are scrambling to see their scripts and here's one who made a sale but hasn't collected. Go get the dough Joe...


THE CAPRICIOUS customer is always with us. A lady named Maxine at Title Insurance received a phone call from a customer who said he'd drive in and sign a pending deed if the company would pay for the gas.

Then there was a note an internal revenue office received with a blank tax return. "You were notified several times that I have been dead for four years," it stated. "Please send no more of these blanks."

June 4, 1959, Abby PACIFIC OCEAN Park is off to a rousing season and among the new features is an ocean boat ride, accompanied by the cheery comments of the captain at the wheel. As the boat headed away from the pier the other night he greeted his passengers warmly and asked if there were any questions -- just as a medium-sized swell caught the boat sideways. "Yes," a nervous lady said, "when do we go back?"


AT RANDOM -- Beginning June 15 the Beverly Hills YWCA is beginning classes in golf, to get the ladies up and around and maybe a little excited, and yoga (the exercise, not the philosophy) to relax them. Some are taking both ... Lady named Lucy reports that when Bess Truman had her operation she positively heard Fulton Lewis say that the growth was not "malicious" ... Seeing the double feature, "Gigi" and "Gidget," Olive Knitt could not help wishing Gogi Grant and Google Withers had gotten into the act.

Paul V. Coates -- Confidential File, June 4, 1959

Dope Department's Busy in County Jail

Paul CoatesA kid from a "good family" came into my office yesterday.

He'd been out of County Jail for a few weeks. But something was gnawing at him.

"How come," he wanted to know, "it's so easy for guys on the inside to get narcotics?"

He himself landed in jail for possession of marijuana. But it was his first brush with the law. After two months' dead time, he got probation.

While he was behind bars, he got something else: an education. He learned that where there's an addict with a yen -- no matter how thick the walls or how high the bars -- there's going to be a source of supply.

The kid recited the ways by which he saw dope smuggled into jail.

The first instance happened only hours after he was picked up. He hadn't even been transferred over to County Jail yet. He was  in the hype tank at City Jail when another prisoner who'd just been booked retched up four balloons of heroin and shared them with his cellmates.

June 4, 1959, Mirror Cover At County, the kicks ran the gamut: marijuana, pills, hard stuff and inhalers.

"The guy who pushed the cigarette cart around -- he's a county employee -- brought in the inhalers," the young man told me.

The prisoners would break them open and chew the little Mephentermine-soaked cotton pads. They'd really get high.

In drugstores, the inhalers sell for 59 cents. In cell blocks, the price varies from $1 to $4.

"Marijuana," the kid continued. "I saw brought in a couple of times by other prisoners. Usually in their shoes. Under the soles."

That's an old trick. Dope taped inside of shoes or cached in false heels.

But a method he described of smuggling in heroin was a new one -- at least to me:

June 4, 1959, Jimmy Grier "A friend on the outside will cook, say, half a gram of heroin in a spoonful of water, dip the end of a sock into it until the sock absorbs it, and then have the family bring in the socks.

"Some prisoners cut up little squares of cloth from the socks, and peddle them to other addicts. But they say that won't work if you're in on a narcotics charge," he added. "They say that the guards soak hypes' clothes in water."

We talked in detail about the methods the junkies used to get their stuff into the jail. The kid was extremely articulate and, apparently, observing.

Never once, he said, did he get any indication that the guards were involved. But, he added, there were -- from what he could learn -- five hype outfits circulating inside the jail -- all kept in the trusties' section.

I told him that a lot of his information might be of interest to chief jailer Joe Gaalken, and , asked if he'd be willing to talk to him -- especially concerning the county employee peddling the inhalers.

He would, he said, so I called chief Gaalken and outlined the kid's story.

June 4, 1959, Sylvia Porter The chief listened attentively while I spoke. Then he told me, "That kid -- he's got good information.

"As a matter of fact, we nailed the man with the inhalers a couple of weeks ago. It must have been right after the boy was released.

"But, unfortunately," he added with a sigh, "we couldn't get the D.A.'s office to file a complaint. All we could do was fire him."

It was only days ago that a county prisoner died of an overdose of heroin. "We busted 20 other prisoners when that happened," Gaalken said. "We did get seven convictions out of it."

How Do the Junkies Operate?

Then he detailed the precautions against smuggling taken by the jail. They were sound precautions. They made sense. And they made me wonder how any narcotics could possibly get in.

"We have tons of supplies coming in every week," chief Gaalken said. "We just can't open every head of lettuce."

And, considering the desperate ingenuity of the dope addict, I'm afraid that's just about what he'd have to do.

David Carradine: Everybody should 'take off their clothes and jump in a big pile'

"My solution for the world's ills is for everybody to take off their clothes and jump in a big pile..."

 -- David Carradine

This article by the late David Carradine was published in The Times, Sept. 22, 1968 and was republished on the Daily Mirror in September 2008.

Sept. 22, 1968, David Carradine

A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: New Music Players for Sale

June 4, 1915, Music  

June 4, 1915: The Columbia Grafonolas cost up to $10,516.91 USD 2008.

Lakers Looking for New Coach?

June 4, 1969, Sharman Stories about coaches being hired or fired are tricky. If things aren't finalized, there's every reason for caution. So it's not unusual to read a story that says a team is close to hiring a coach or is expected to fire a coach. This story about the Lakers' search for a new coach was a little different.

Bill Sharman, the coach of the ABA's Los Angeles Stars, was expected to be named the Lakers' new coach, according to sources. What's weird abut Mal Florence's story was the quote from Sharman:

"I keep hearing things through the back door. But I've had no contact with the Lakers--anyway nothing direct."

You don't often have the potential coach go on the record like that. Maybe Sharman was campaigning for the job, or perhaps he was that close to being hired. Sharman eventually got the job, but had to wait a couple more seasons.

He went with the Stars when the franchise moved to Utah and they won the ABA title in 1970-71. The next season he was back in L.A. and led the Lakers to an NBA title. Makes one wonder if the Lakers missed a chance for a couple more championships.

--Keith Thursby

Boxing Promoter Beaten; Dodgers Sign Chavez Ravine Deal

June 4, 1959, RRRing

June 4, 1959, Mars
Life on Mars!
June 4, 1959, Bacardi
June 4, 1959, Cover
Boxing promoter Jackie Leonard had testified before the State Athletic Commission about mob influence in prizefighting. View this page

June 4, 1959, Jackie Leonard

June 4, 1959, No Jazz

American jazz?  Nyet!

June 4, 1959, Somoza and Hillinger
Charles Hillinger interviews Nicaragua's Luis Somoza.
June 4, 1959, Nikabob

June 4, 1959, Movies
Carole Baker ... Jeffrey Hunter ... Richard Nixon ... View this page

June 4, 1959, Youth

American youth are gullible ... and ungrateful!

June 4, 1959, Sports The Dodgers and city officials signed their contract to build a stadium in Chavez Ravine, a year to the day after Los Angeles voters narrowly approved the plans.

Dodgers owner Walter O'Mslley continued to publicly state he was optimistic the Dodgers could open the 1960 season in their new ballpark even though reports to the north suggested the Giants, who didn't have a controversy over where to build their stadium, were behind in their plans to open Candlestick Park..

Dodger players couldn't wait to get out of the Coliseum.

"When we get into our new stadium the fans of Los Angeles will see major league baseball the way it should be played," Don Drysdale said.

"D'ya think O'Malley can use me this winter building the stadium? Seriously, it's great news," Duke Snider said.

--Keith Thursby


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