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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

Category: December 28, 2008 - January 3, 2009

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Found on EBay -- Culver City Speedway

1925_1130_sports Ebay_speedway_program

A program has been listed on EBay for the 1925 auto races, when driver Frank Elliott set a world record of 127.87 mph.

Voices -- Christine Collins, November 10, 1930


The Christine Collins letters

The woman whose tragedy inspired the Clint Eastwood movie "Changeling" tells her story in her own words.


Fierce fighting in Cuba, near riot as Colts win over Giants, December 29, 1958


Creswell, Ore., farmer Harry Holt helps bring 107 Eurasian children from South Korean for adoption in the United States.


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Part 3
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Part 8
The Colts defeated the New York Giants to win the NFL championship in what some people called the greatest game of all time. But the top story in The Times' sports section that morning was about crowds at Los Angeles sports events.

I'm sure it was a big deal at the time, how successful 1958 had been for all sports in L.A. Successful as in how many people showed up.

Sports editor Paul Zimmerman broke down the top sports and crowds. Horse racing was the top-drawing sport, with 4,608,919 people attending events over 263 days.

Baseball was second in town, thanks to the new kids from Brooklyn. According to Zimmerman, the Dodgers drew 1,845,556 to the Coliseum. About 816,000 more fans attended games for free or with discount tickets.

The numbers also show how sports in L.A. have changed. Football ranked third, thanks in large part to the Rams, followed by motor racing and boxing.

As for the NFL game, The Times covered it all including what read like a riot in Baltimore: "An unruly mob of victory-frenzied fans made a shambles of a welcome home celebration for the Baltimore Colts tonight and caused a near panic on a jammed runway of Friendship International Airport."

--Keith Thursby

Found on EBay -- Williams and Walker


Sheet music of "I May Be Crazy but I Ain't No Fool," by Alex Rogers, sung by Bert Williams. Listed on EBay starting at $25.

Voices -- Christine Collins, November 9, 1930

From the California State Archives

The Christine Collins letters

The woman whose tragedy inspired the Clint Eastwood movie "Changeling" tells her story in her own words.

  Los Angeles Calif.
  Nov. 9, 1930
    Dear Mr. Clark,
1930_1109_christine_collins02_01 I was very happy to received your very encouraging letter of Nov. 3rd. I want to apologize for not answering sooner and thanking you for your kindness also in sending me the blank forms in case that I am successful in obtaining employment for Walter. You are so lovely toward both of us and your kindness is greatly appreciated.
    It means a great deal when folks like you show such consideration and we feel now that there is a brighter future.
    I have taken up the subject of parole for Walter with several prominent businessmen and feel that they are interested.
I had occasion to visit the lodge hall of the Knights of Pythias last Wednesday evening to appeal for signatures of the brother knights on a letter from them to the directors of the prison board. I was informed beforehand that I probably would be called upon to speak before a small group of committee men. Imagine my surprise when I was introduced and then escorted to a chair next to the chancellor commander.
I was then asked to "make a speech" that is talk in behalf of Walter regarding a parole. It was so unexpected and surprised me so that I thot I was petrified.

I asked the chancellor to speak for me, which he did and I believe his appeal was effective. He said, "as a daughter of a past chancellor commander and a brother knight, now deceased, Mrs. Collins is asking your aid in trying to obtain a parole for her husband, whom we all think has suffered enough," etc.

I was then escorted back across the large hall and as I was leaving I turned around and said, "I want to thank you all for your kind attention!" to which they all applauded. I do not know whether it was the "speech" I made or the recovery of my tongue. My father had been a member of the K.Ps for 35 years. He always said that that lodge always assisted the families of brother knights in distress. Anyway I sent out my S.O.S.

We want to visit as often just as soon as we are settled. The invitation is standing.

Thanking you again for your encouraging letter.

I wish to remain

Sincerely your friend,

Mrs. Walter J. Collins
Tel # Capitol 3996

Movie stars to watch in the new year, tribute to Archie Moore, December 28, 1958


Hedda Hopper's predictions for the next crop of movie stars somehow bypasses the cast of "7th Voyage of Sinbad." (Listen to the orchestration in Bernard Herrmann's score for the sword fight with the skeleton: tuba, xylophone and something rattley, like castanets).  Sounds a bit like "On Dangerous Ground," doesn't it?

1958_1228_hopper02 1958_1228_sports

A. Victor Segno -- "How to Live 100 Years"

"A shoe should fit snug at the heel and over the instep so that the foot does not slip forward when walking. There should be plenty of room for the toes to spread apart. High French heels are to be avoided. Those who are in the habit of wearing high heels should make the change to lower heels by degrees so that the muscles may be gradually brought back to their normal position."

--A. Victor Segno,
"How to Live 100 Years,"
Los Angeles, 1903



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