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Writer Blacklisted by Mistake Clears His Name

December 19, 2009 |  8:00 am

Dec. 19, 1959, Blacklist 

Dec. 19, 1959, Blacklist

Dec. 19, 1959, Movies 

“Super-Sonic Hell Creatures No Weapons Can Destroy!”

The Killer Shrews” [What? Only 3 stars on imdb?]  and “The Giant Gila Monster” [2.8 stars on imdb?] now playing at the Avenue Drive-In in Downey!  And of course that Mr. Magoo opus “1001 Arabian Nights,” gets 5.8 stars on imdb. Mr. Magoo = 5.8 stars
Dec. 19, 1959: Screenwriter Louis Pollock discovers that he has been blacklisted after being confused with another Louis Pollock. “My wife never lost faith in me," he said. "But I know the boys got to wondering what was the matter with the old man. Beating that mill all day and just barely enough money coming in to keep us together.”