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Women Accused of Performing Abortions

December 18, 2009 |  4:00 am

June 19, 1916, Abortions

June 19, 1916: Lila Atherton is arrested on charges of performing abortions at 2217 S. Hoover.

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Dec. 18, 1919, Abortion

Dec. 18, 1919: Abortions are again allegedly being conducted at 2217 S. Hoover.

Dec. 20, 1919, Abortion

Dec. 20, 1919: Sarah J. Williams denies performing an abortion on Lucile Halley, saying that Halley had come to her after already undergoing the operation.

Jan. 22, 1920, Abortions 

Jan. 22, 1920: Lila Atherton and Sarah Williams are arrested after another woman dies from a botched abortion.
Dec. 18, 1919: Here we have the case of Lila T. Atherton and Sarah J. Williams, who evidently shared a home and an abortion business between 1916 and 1920.  There’s nothing further in the clips about them, so it’s unclear whether they were convicted or whether they were ever arrested again.