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The Times Takes a Dim View of Interracial Marriage

December 24, 2009 |  2:00 am

 Dec. 24, 1909, Marriage
Dec. 24, 1909, Marriage  

March 11, 1909, Aoki-Emery

March 11, 1909: Helen Gladys Emery and Gunjiro Aoki announce their engagement. The Times notes that a marriage between them would be illegal in California.

March 27, 1909, Aoki-Emery

March 27, 1909: Emery and Aoki travel to Seattle in their attempt to get married.

April 11, 1909, Aoki-Emery

April 11, 1909: The Times reports the Aoki-Emery marriage in Seattle, but notes that they are buying a home through an intermediary.

June 22, 1910, Aoki-Emery

June 22, 1910: The Aoki family comes to Los Angeles in an attempt to escape publicity, renting a house at 226 E. 28th St.

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Nov. 11, 1933, Aoki-Emery

Nov. 11, 1933: Helen Gladys Oakie seeks the restoration of her American citizenship, which she lost by marrying Aoki. According to California death records, a woman named Helen Gladys Eddy, with the maiden name Emery, died in 1947. 
Dec. 24, 1909: As I have noted before, I rarely republish The Times’ editorials because they are frequently embarrassing and this piece on the marital problems of Gladys Helen Emery and Gunjiro Aoki is a prime example.  An anonymous scribe hurled some vicious barbs at the couple, tut-tutting like an elderly uncle at the folly of a white woman marrying a man who was only part human.