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Predictions for 1975

December 26, 2009 |  8:00 am

Dec. 26, 1959, Dondi

“All That Is Behind You, Darling.”

Dec. 26, 1959, The Future

Dec. 26, 1959: Somehow, the forecasters failed to predict the energy crisis, leisure suits and disco. 

Dec. 26, 1959, St. Vibiana's
Cardinal McIntyre celebrates Mass at St. Vibiana’s.

Dec. 25, 1959, Bells of Bethlehem 

“The Bells of Bethlehem” by Aimee Semple McPherson (d. 1944) will be performed at Angelus Temple. By the 1980s, the temple was showing a film of the production.


Dec. 26, 1959, Stella Stevens

Stella Stevens makes news for posing for the centerfold of the January 1960 issue of Playboy. [She was paid $21,921.90 USD 2008 ]. She also says she kidnapped her son Andy in a custody dispute. 

Dec. 26, 1959, Mouse That Roared

Peter Sellers “is a good enough actor, but … he fails to create anything memorable” in “The Mouse That Roared.



Darrall Imhoff shows off his hook shot.

Dec. 26, 1959, Sports

Sid Gillman may be going to the Chargers.