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Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, Dec. 25, 1959

December 25, 2009 |  2:00 pm

 Dec. 25, 1959, Mirror Cover

Mash Notes and Comment

Paul Coates    "Dear Paul,

    "Following is a little Christmas spirit I dreamed up while writing the Keely Smith-Louis Prima show here in Las Vegas:


" 'Twas the night before
And all was serene
Not a cowboy was stirring
On our TV screen.
A lasso was hung by the
    chimney with care
In hopes that Saint Nick
    would be caught in its

"Young Junior was lying
Secure in his bed
With guns by his side
And a spear by his head;
Then he soon fell asleep in
    his fortress supreme
And the heroes he worshiped
    came to life in his dream.

Dec. 25, 1959, Bethlehem"All at once from the lawn
There arose such a clatter,
Junior grabbed both his guns
To look into the matter.
In the dark all he saw were
    some shadows that
So he cried, 'Don't you move
    'cause I've got you all

"The moon broke the gloom
And shone down on the
Gave a luster of midday
To the objects below;
His heart pounded wildly,
    for Junior saw then
A stagecoach on runners
    drawn by eight mounted

"Now who is that driving?
It can't be Saint Nick:
He's tall, and he's wiry-
Why, it's Maverick!
More rapid than eagles
His coursers they came
And he howled and he
And called them by name.

"Now, Cheyenne, now Sugarfoot,
Lucas McCane;
On, Ringo, On, Zorro.
Wahoo!  Bronco Lane.

"So up to the housetop
The cowboys all flew
With the coach full of toys
And Wyatt Earp, too:
And then in a twinkling,
He heard on the roof
The patter and clatter
Of each horse's hoof.

"He ran to the fireplace
And guess what he found-
From the chimney
Marshall Dillon came in with
    a bound.
He looked like he had
A big hump on his back
For a bundle of toys
Were all stashed in his pack.
"Junior said, 'Have a drink?'
And he offered a cup;
Matt Dillon was willin'
So he answered, 'Yup!'

"And then all at once
All the rest came in view.
The heaven sent seven
And Maverick, too.
They spoke not a word
But went right to their task
And filled all the stockings.
What more could one ask?

"There were Bowie knives,
Shotguns and bullets galore,
Enough ammunition
To start a new war.
Some real cowboy boots
And some real wild Western clothes
And when they were through
Up the flue they all rose.

"They sprang on their
And before you could say
'A word from the sponsor'
They went that-away.
But he heard them exclaim
As they rode out of sight
'Those guns are to play with
So peace, and good night'."

    (signed) Sid Kuller,
                Las Vegas

    -And a Merry Christmas from me, too.