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Paul V. Coates – Confidential File, Dec. 19, 1959

December 19, 2009 |  2:00 pm

 Dec. 19, 1959, Mirror Cover

Mash Notes and Comment

Paul Coates    (Form letter)  "Kind Friends --

    "A joyous year of rich fulfillment to you all!

    "A severely bitten hand (received when a frightened little dog at our shelter misunderstood my attempts to feed it) has put my typing hand out of commission for  a while.

    "This had made impossible the preparation of our usual Christmas Bulletin.  We are therefore using this means to wish you the joys of the Holiday Season, and to express our loving gratitude for the help you have rendered our little orphan animals in the past.

    "P.S. I have discovered that the operation of an IBM Electric Typewriter (Executive model) places less strain on my injured hand and would enable me to carry on this important phase of our work with far less effort.

    "May I express the wistful hope that Santa might deliver such a machine to us as a Christmas gift, so that I can serve the creatures more effectively?"  (signed)  Rosalie Gordon, president.  Good Shepherd Foundation, Inc., 133 Van Norman Rd.,Montebello.

    --If Santa's got any sense, he won't come near your place while that nasty little dog's running loose.


Dec. 19, 1959, Beating     (Press Release)  "Television advertisers are reportedly flirting with subliminal messages again -- this time aimed at dogs, states Product Engineering,McGraw-Hill publication.
   "The trick would be to transmit supersonic barking, which a dog can hear but a man can't, along with a  picture of a dog-food can.

    "The viewer's dog would bark in answer, and the viewer, presumably, would rush out to the market and buy the food."  (signed) Publicity Dept.,McGraw-Hill Publications, New York City.

    --While you're there, better pick up a bottle of iodine and a box of Band-Aids.


    (Press Release)  "Campaign strategists for Sen. John Kennedy have convinced the presidential candidate to make a 'Go for Broke' battle against favorite sons in a number of states.
"With Kennedy's popularity slipping, he will need convincing victories against Gov. Di Salle of Ohio, Sen. Morse of Oregon, Gov. Tawes of Maryland and Sen. Humphrey of Wisconsin."  (signed) Publicity Dept., Confidential Magazine, New York City.

    --That Edmund G. (Pat) Brown of Idaho won't be any pushover either.


    MIDNIGHT MEMOS:  That ornate Zeppelin hangar, the Moulin Rouge, has long been the last stronghold of lavish show business in Hollywood.  Frank Sennes has never been chintzy about loading the place with beautiful girls, and he's outdone himself with his new Oriental revue.  He seems to have more girls in the chorus than there are customers in the house.

    The show's only flaw is that it is a bit overlong, and a few of the acts would be  helped some by taking one or two less encores.  Not to be included in that category, however, are the Kim sisters -- one of the most talented song, dance and just-about-everything-else acts I've seen in quite  a while.


    A HOLIDAY NOTE:  For the price of a new toy, kids and adults can catch a special program at Embassy Auditorium, 847 S Grand, tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. There'll be music, entertainment and ice cream and cake for the kids.  Among personalities scheduled to make an appearance are Shelley Winters, David (Mr. District Attorney) Bryan, Nancy Valentine and Bozo the Clown.  Contributed toys will be distributed by churches of all denominations to kids in our town who otherwise might have been forgotten at Christmas this year.

Dec. 19, 1959, Abby