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Movie Star Mystery Photo

Dec. 21, 2009, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Just a reminder on how this works: I post the mystery photo on Monday and reveal the answer on Friday ... or on Saturday if I have a hard time picking only five pictures; sometimes it's difficult to choose. To keep the mystery photo from getting lost in the other entries, I move it from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday, etc., adding a photo every day.

I have to approve all comments, so if your guess is posted immediately, that means you're wrong. (And if a wrong guess has already been submitted by someone else, there's no point in submitting it again).

If you're right, you will have to wait until Friday. There's no need to submit your guess five times. Once is enough. The only reward is bragging rights. 

The answer to last week's mystery star: Daria Massey!

Dec. 22, 2009, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Here’s another photo of our mystery star. Please congratulate Mike Hawks and Greg Clancey  for identifying him.

Dec. 23, 2009, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo
Here's another photo of our mystery guest with a mystery companion.

Dec. 24, 1959, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Here’s another photo of our mystery fellow with a mystery companion. Please congratulate Mike Hawks, June Dare and Dewey Webb for identifying yesterday’s mystery companion.

Dec. 26, 2009, Mystery Photo
Los Angeles Times file photo

Christmas interfered with the mystery photos, so here’s another one of our mystery guest with another mystery companion.
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Comments (35)

Glenn Tryon.

Tab Hunter

Is it Wallace Reid, Jr.?

By the third photo, he seems to be moving into Dom DeLuise territory. If pic number four shows girth, that's my guess.

The mystery lady is Anita Louise w/Maurice from MY BILL.

michael o'shea

Tom Brown and Anita Louise

Anita Louise

William Haines

Philippe de Lacy?



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