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Monkey Business on ‘Inherit the Wind’ Set

December 31, 2009 |  8:00 am

Dec. 31, 1959, Rose Parade 

Sheriff John covers preparations for the Rose Parade!


Sept. 4, 1971, Charles F. Sebastian

Dr. Charles F. Sebastian dies, Sept. 4, 1971. You may recall him from the Harry Raymond bombing.

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The Central Receiving Hospital was replaced by the Rampart Division station, shown by Google maps’ street view.

 Dec. 31, 1959, Inherit the Wind

Dec. 31, 1959, Sports
Stanford's Dick Norman says: "Take 6 1/2 points or whatever you can get on Washington in tomorrow's Rose Bowl game."

Dec. 31, 1959: Joe Hyams visits the set of “Inherit the Wind” and captures some of the horseplay between Frederic March, Spencer Tracy and Gene Kelly. Tracy says: "I thought last year's [Oscar] broadcast reached a new low in entertainment when they did that community singing bit. This year might be better because they've got the good sense to let someone else pay the tab. The years the industry paid for the telecast itself it was pretty terrible."