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Mickey Cohen Arrested

December 4, 2009 |  8:00 am

Dec. 4, 1959, Times Cover

Mickey Cohen is booked on suspicion of murder in the shooting of Jack "the Enforcer" Whalen, along with George Piscitelle and Sandy Hashagen, 18, who was found by The Times at 2284 1/2 Holly Drive.  

Above, Holly Drive as shown by Google maps' street view.

Dec. 4, 1959, Cohen

Times reporter Jerry Hulse interviews Sandy Hashagen: "I was eating my dinner and drinking my orange juice when this man [Whalen] walked over to a nearby table and hit the man seated there. Then I heard the shots. It ruined my dinner..."

Dec. 4, 1959, Cohen

Chief William H. Parker takes over the Whalen investigation.

Dec. 4, 1959, Cohen

"Last night Parker challenged rumors that there had been a lack of diligence in police handling of Whalen in the past.

" 'Some time ago it was brought to my attention that Whalen was operating outside the law,' Parker said. 'I called in the captain of the administrative vice squad and told him to go to work on the
case.' "

 Dec. 4, 1959, Cohen

Dec. 4, 1959: Mickey Cohen is "a perfect gentleman," Sandy Hashagen says. "He never drinks. He never swears. He never smokes."