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Matt Weinstock, Dec. 4, 1959

December 4, 2009 |  4:00 pm

Dec. 4, 1959, Needy

Half a century hasn't dulled the tragedy of these Christmas stories.

Start With People and Where Are You?

Matt Weinstock     Top public relations executives took a long, searching look at themselves and what they referred to as "continuing attacks" on their work at their recent Miami Beach convention and their conclusions are succinctly reported in the four-page PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) Convention News.

    In his keynote speech, the new president, Kenneth Youel, said the society's job primarily was to raise the stature of public relations as a profession.
"The greatest area for accomplishment," he said, "the great challenge to public relations leadership is this:  How can we attract more of the right kind of young men and women into public relations?  How can they themselves be prepared for leadership?  I have thought about this many times and inevitably I return to the same starting point -- people."

    It is difficult not to agree with this profound non sequitur.


In the days when we
    played the Victrola,
Yes, even the old
Music sounded so good,
LIKE real music should
But that was before
    this payola.


Dec. 4, 1959, Peanuts     

as she got into an elevator in a building on 9th St., and remarked, "I guess I'm allergic to Los Angeles!"

    Another woman, who likes it here and is fiercely resentful of criticism, retorted, "Maybe it's just your eastern bugs that feel strange out here!"


couple, Dick and Margaret, have a parakeet named Terry, short for Terrified, which he is most of the time.  If they let him out of the cage he gets so scared he doesn't remember how to get back in.

    Lately, however, Terry has learned how to overcome his timidity.  All parakeets are attracted to bright, shiny objects but with Terry it's glasses containing drinks.  When he spots one in someone's hand he flies up and stands on the rim and sips.

    If it's alcoholic he soon becomes the bravest parakeet in the world.  In fact, at a recent party he dipped his bill so deep into the glass he toppled in and had to be fished out and dried.
A few days ago Terry disappeared and, after a frantic search, was seen in a tree across the street and down the block.  He refused to come down until Dick got a  highball and stood under the tree.

Dec. 4, 1959, Peanuts
    Terry flew onto the glass and guzzled all the way home.  He spent the rest of the day lying on his side on the bottom of the cage, Dick reports, feeling just great.


"stranger," purists keep insisting, is strong enough to stand alone.  It needs no emphasis.  Therefore it's redundant to say "total" stranger or "complete" stranger or "absolute" stranger.  A word saver myself, I ordinarily go along.  But the other day Frank Goss, KNX newscaster, was introduced to Dave Shaw, KFI newscaster, and both said, "That's funny, I never hear you."  No wonder.  They both have news programs at 5:45 p.m.  Which is about as total, complete or absolute as two strangers can get.


naughty word around SC since a recent unfortunate incident.  As a result, a fraternity which has a clean record of hazing has had difficulty convincing the administration the things that have been going on at the place are on the up and up.  One man broke both arms in a  fall from a float.  Another received a knee injury in a fraternity football game.  A third was hurt in a bicycle accident.  A fourth broke  a finger in a car door.  They're thinking of hiring a safety director.


    ONE OF THE art exhibits currently at the County Museum is European Art Today which, to put it mildly, is weirdly abstract.  For instance, the one done in burlap and lampblack.

    The other day several 12-year-old boys who had been inspecting the fossil animals from Rancho La Brea (known as the "bone room") came into the art exhibit and the guard overheard one of them remark to his friends, "Say, do you suppose the prehistoric animals painted these?"