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Man Who Was Declared Dead Returns After 10-Year Absence

December 17, 2009 |  2:00 am

May 10, 1908, Christian Science Temple, Pasadena

The Christian Scientist Church in Pasadena, designed by Franklin P. Burnham. 

 Dec. 17, 1909, Architect Dies

Franklin P. Burnham also designed the Georgia State Capitol and many civic buildings in Southern California.

Dec. 16, 1909, Returns From the Dead  

Dec. 17, 1909: Henry E. Christopher returns to Fresno after a 10-year absence in which he was declared dead and his property was distributed to his heirs. “He is in the best of physical health and is apparently perfectly rational,” The Times says. “According to old acquaintances, except for a few gray hairs, he looks just the same as before he went away.”