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Iran Welcomes President Eisenhower

December 14, 2009 |  8:00 am
Dec. 14, 1959, Cover 

Elizabeth Taylor is out of the hospital ... And The Times prepares to announce its Women of the Year. 
Dec. 14, 1959, Little Homemaker

Teresa "Terry" Kincheloe, 6, is learning "the domestic arts." She likes to dry the dishes, helps her mother in the kitchen, makes the beds, gardens and assists with housekeeping. I’m trying to figure out what made this so remarkable that it was worth a story and two photos.

Dec. 14, 1959, Shot

Dec. 14, 1959: The Times says James Burnaby Stephen was “visiting” Georgette Hanks. If you read far enough into the story, you’ll find out they were in the bedroom. The story could have said: “A man who took his daughter on a Christmas shopping trip returned to the home of his estranged wife, then shot her and killed her boyfriend after catching them in bed.” But it didn’t.

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Dec. 14, 1959, Murder

Now ask yourself: How many people take a gun when they go Christmas shopping?


April 16, 1960: He got away with it.

Dec. 14, 1959, Ford

Among the skills Charlotte Ford learned at her European boarding school was how to pour a cup of coffee without looking.

Dec. 14, 1959, Edsel

What went wrong with the Edsel? Was it economics? Then again, it was an ugly car.

Dec. 14, 1959, D.W. Griffith

The Native Daughters of the Golden West place a plaque at Foothill Boulevard and Vaughn Street to mark D.W. Griffith’s movie ranch.

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Foothill Boulevard and Vaughn St., filming location of some of D.W. Griffith’s early movies and the “inspiration” for “Birth of a Nation.” According to the plaque, “Custer’s Last Stand” was filmed here. This may be Griffith’s “The Massacre,” although the location looks more like the hills around Chatsworth.


“Actually, I Believe He Needs a Psychiatrist!” 

Dec. 14, 1959, Sports
Who's going to succeed Sid Gillman as the Rams' coach?