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Boy Kills Mother, Wounds Stepfather in 'Dream'

December 8, 2009 |  8:00 am
Dec. 8, 1959, Times Cover

Dec. 8, 1959: A teenager kills his mother and wounds his stepfather during what he calls a bad dream.

Dec. 9, 1959, Victims  

Edna Fisher, 38, was killed and Donald Fisher, 28, was injured.

Dec. 9, 1959, Killing

Dec. 9, 1959: Edgar Lee Cox was suspended from school for ditching, so his parents made him sit in his room and do homework.

Dec. 8, 1959, Whalen 

About 300 people attend the funeral of Jack “the Enforcer” Whalen. "There is no cause for bitterness. No place for hopelessness. We should ask God in his eternal power for forgiveness. We cannot ask why things are," says the Rev. Alex K. Campbell of St. David's Episcopal Church in North Hollywood.

... and tooth decay may be contagious. 

Dec. 8, 1959, Stompanato

Mickey Cohen is shocked ... SHOCKED that the late Johnny Stompanato carried a gun.

Dec. 8, 1959, Middle East

"If the Arab refugee problem can be solved, most of the tension between Israel and the Arab world will dissolve...."

Dec. 8, 1959, TVs

There was a time when TV sets weren’t huge, black plastic cubes but masqueraded as other pieces of furniture. As if Betsy Ross had a Colonial GE television set – with remote.
Dec. 8, 1959, 4D Man

4D Man” with Robert Lansing, Lee Meriwether … and a pre-“Miracle Worker” Patty Duke.

Dec. 8, 1959, Comics 

It’s for you ….

Dec. 8, 1959, Sports

A riot by drunk fans at Yankee Stadium stops a game between the Giants and the Browns for 20 minutes ... And who will be the Dodgers’ starting pitcher?