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A Poem for the New Year

December 30, 2009 |  4:00 am

Dec. 30, 1919, Railways  

Isn’t this a great drawing? I suppose in 1919 smokestacks meant progress and not pollution.


Enumerators prepare to take the 1920 census and have a few questions. Is a lone man or woman without any known relatives a family? Yes. When is a chicken ranch not a chicken ranch? When it earns more than $250 a year. Then it’s a chicken farm.  

Dec. 30, 1919, Poem

Dec. 30, 1919:  George Steunenberg writes:

"Our streets will be real thoroughfares instead of auto parks;
And not a feature will remain to merit the remarks
Of those gol-darned New Yorkers who say our town is slow--
L.A. will be a city in the year One-nine-two-O."