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51 Held in Gambling Raids

December 22, 2009 |  4:00 am

Dec. 22, 1919, Briggs 

“Oh, Man” by Clare Briggs.

Dec. 22, 1919, Vice Raid
Dec. 22, 1919: Detectives with the help of the “purity squad” raid several fan tan games and arrest 51 people. Notice the detectives’ names, especially that of McAfee, who is the infamous Guy McAfee. 

Feb. 21, 1960

The Times reports the death of Guy McAfee, Feb. 21, 1960. 

And yes, one of the other detectives in the gambling raids is Harry Raymond

Oct. 25, 1919, Gambling Raid

Oct. 25, 1919: Detectives Harry Raymond and Guy McAfee conduct a raid on gambling being conducted in the basement of the Del Monte bar.

The idea that two important figures – on opposite sides of the law – once worked together on the LAPD is one of the remarkable facets of Los Angeles history.