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Wife Divorces ‘Girlish’ Army Officer

Nov. 21, 1919, Briggs

“When a Feller Needs a Friend,” by Clare Briggs

Nov. 21, 1919, A Man and His Girdle
Nov. 21, 1919: Lucille Howell seeks a divorce from her husband, an Army captain who likes to wear a girdle.

"You know I always wanted a form like yours. You just wait until I accomplish the development that I want to. I tell you, honey, you will have quite a girl for your hubby,” Capt. Clarence Howell wrote. Capt. Howell appealed to the head of the Daughters of the American Revolution to arrange a reconciliation, but the attempt failed. 

In one letter, Mrs. Howell called her husband a “sissy.” "He replied that if he got the figure he wanted, he did not see that it called for mean things on his wife's part," The Times said.

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Comments (3)

Ahhh, for the good old days of politically incorrect, direct talk.

So is this an example of prehistoric cross dressing?

Don't ask, and don't wear my girdle!


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