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Voices – Jules Feiffer

November 15, 2009 |  1:00 pm

Sept. 12, 1969, Little Murders

Sept. 12, 1969, “Little Murders” runs for more than six months in Los Angeles.
After writing a post about “Little Murders” and the monologues in the play, especially the one by homicide Detective Lt. Miles Practice, I e-mailed playwright and artist Jules Feiffer to ask how he wrote them.

My question: One of the more distinctive elements of "Little Murders" is the extended monologues given to the major characters, like "To the Guy Who Reads My Mail" or "Every Crime Has a Pattern." These are long, thoughtful pieces and I was curious as to when you did them in the process of writing the play. The beginning? Middle? End? I'm also wondering how long it took you to distill your thoughts for these pieces.

He writes: What an interesting question, and one that has never come up before. The wedding speech and the Judge's speech are lifted virtually without change from the novel that LM was meant to be before I gave up on it. Two years later they went into the play. Alfred's monologue, as well as Lt. Practice's, were written for the play, Alfred's in the first draft, Practice's after several revisions that didn't work in the Boston tryout. The Practice speech and its setup prior to the speech were  the last writings I did on the play. Film Forum in NY is screening a new print of the movie in Oct.