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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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The Case of the Thankful Thief


Nov. 8, 1909: The yearly season of petty crimes opens in Los Angeles, according to The Times, with a burglar who ate half a loaf of bread, some peach preserves and helped himself to $3 in a savings bank. [Update: they were pear preserves, as a reader noted].

It’s hard to match “Blows Out His Brains” as a one-column headline.

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Comments (2)

Today, the half eaten loaf & utensils would have been analyzed by a CSI lab & the thief's DNA stored for future crimes.

My . . . have times changed or what!


Don't newspaper writers know how to read any longer? The thief ate pear preserves, not peach. Printing non-news, in a couple of sentences, and still managing to get most of it wrong. Nice job.

--I tried to e-mail you my thanks but your mail bounced. Anyway, thanks for reading!


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