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Larry Harnisch reflects on Los Angeles history

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Women Postpone Thanksgiving Dinner to Meet Militant Feminist!

Nov. 25, 1909, Women

Portraits of Chicago women who deserted their families on Thanksgiving.  Oh, the scandal!!

Nov. 25, 1909, Women

"We will not stone our legislators. We will not horsewhip them in the streets. We will not break up their homes, nor drop stones through their roof to interrupt their banquets. We will do something more effective than that. We will see that they are defeated for renomination."

Nov. 25, 1909, Thanksgiving 

Agriculture, President Taft and the American eagle – all big! 

Nov. 25, 1909: I don’t imagine many people will get all the way through The Times’ jingoistic editorial on Thanksgiving. Here are some nuggets:

“The house of a thrifty artisan in Los Angeles has more luxuries than the palaces of kings had even less than 300 years ago. There are thousands of residences of wealthy people of Los Angeles today in every way superior to Kensington Palace in London, in which Queen Victoria was born less than a century ago.”  [By the way, Marie Antoinette’s bedroom at Versailles  is dinky—lrh].


"Torture was restored to freely in order to wrench confessions from those charged with guilt, and these confessions were often the result of delirium or despair and did not state the truth."

Nov. 25, 1909, Thanksgiving
Nov. 25, 1909, Thanksgiving 

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Happy Thanksgiving to all in 2009---FROM THE FUTURE! I write this on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 25 TWO THOUSAND TEN.

Other than that i have uncovered the secrets of time travel, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!


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